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Hugh's Story and History


Hugh was born in Nagoya, Japan to a Japanese mother and Australian father and moved to Melbourne, Australia at the age of two. The 14-year-old’s passion for motorsport is infectious. His focus from the first time he pulled on a kart helmet was clear – to become a Formula 1 driver. 


From the earliest age Hugh has always loved anything that moves – his rocking horse, his bike and, of course, his toy cars. As a child Hugh was quick to show a remarkable natural aptitude for any activites involving balance, speed and coordination.

At the age three, Hugh was fixated on driving and while attending a V8 Supercar event at Phillip Island in Australia, he spotted a racing simulator. Despite having to ask for help operating the pedals which were far out of his reach, Hugh ended up surrounded by a growing crowd of spectators as this three-year-old confidently steered the stimulator around the Bathurst circuit to their amazement.  At the end of his turn, those around burst into applause. Hugh was hooked!

Hugh was given a PlayStation 2 with pedal and steering wheel for his fourth birthday as his love for racing grew stronger and then pursaded his parents to buy him a kart for his fifth birthday. As soon as Hugh was old enough to get his racing licence in 2012, he did and ever since then he has methodically worked towards realising his amibition of one day becoming Formula 1 World Champion.

Since starting in karts at the age of seven, Hugh has displayed calm confidence, ferocious competitive spirit and strong technical ability. Consistently finishing within the top five, he has combined his natural talent with a methodical approach to continual improvement. Over his eight year career, Hugh has continued to hone his skills and win numerous titles. He has represented Australia at the Rotax World Grand Final in Europe on multiple occasions, establishing himself as one of the leading young talents in Australian karting.

Understanding the hard work and dedication required to achieve his goal, Hugh maintains a strict diet and fitness regime to ensure he is racing at his peak. A voracious reader and student of the sport, Hugh also has an understanding and appreciation of motorsport history.

Date of birth:     15 September 2005

Birthplace:         Aichi, Japan

Lives:                 Melbourne, Australia

Current Class:   J-Max & KA2  & KA3

Interests:           Racing, F1, Online Racing

Goals:                Win the Rotax World Finals 2018

Ambition:           Become a Formula 1 Champion

"if you have everything under control, you're not moving fast enough"

- Mario Andretti