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Round 1 Australian Kart Championship Ipswich

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Round 2 of the Australian Kart
Championship was held at Ipswich, Queensland.

2019. Hugh attended KA4 class with IAME KA 100 engine.
The practice day was 15 February and started from 8am. Hugh finished in the top 5 in all five practice sessions.

Qualified 4th.

Heat 1 -  Started 4th and finished DNF due to mechanical penalty.
Heat 2  - Started 4th and finished 2nd
Heat 1 and heat 2 race’s results accumulated points determined position.

Hugh started 18th position in heat 3 due to a DNF in heat 1.
Heat 3 – Started 18th and finished 8th.

Heat 4 starting position determined by the results of heat 1, 2 and 3.
Heat 4 – Started 13th and finished 11th
Final race – Started 11 finisedh 1st!!!