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Team Hugh Barter Racing

Team Hugh Barter Racing (HBR) started in 2013 When Hugh was 7 years old.

Colin has been looking after Hugh’s go kart since he was 5 years old - even before holding a Karting Australia License. Colin guides Hugh through the process of learning driver dynamics and the importance of setting-up a kart.

Chris (Dad) looks after data system on the kart. After every practice or race, he downloads data for the race engineer to analyse. Chris’s is also on food duty. During race weekends, Hugh needs to have nutricious food for his stamina and mental preparation. Chris is a qualified Chef and supplies healthy food for the team.

Nat (Mum) ensures the Kart is beautifully presented and takes records of all kart settings and Hugh’s feedback during every practice and race session.

Hugh’s kart engine is built by Clint & Peter Cathcart of CC racing. CC racing is the most successful engine builder in Australia. Clint & Peter Cathcart act as Hugh’s race engineer as well as his mentor and driving coach. Peter and Clint have not only taught Hugh driving techniques, butalso race strategy.

The respect and trust between Hugh, Clint and Peter’s relationship has beendeveloped over 6 years.In some sorts of btl-actions promotional costumes are applied - spectacular and colourful advertising anchors that effectively attract attention. There is also a sense in applying logo  on the company clothing since under these conditions, it will be remembered at an intuitive level will complement the pleasant emotions of the event.

Workwear with logo of outline type is rather popular. There are some methods of implementing this kind of logo that require the possibility of large images. Transfer print gives a possibility of designing small accessories-handbags, caps, bandanas, etc.

It is important to understand that overalls and the company's logo are images, the face of the company, it is a tool to be remembered by the clients.