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Note From The Racer

I am Hugh Barter, 13 year old Australian-Japanese racer. I have been racing since I was 5 and my dream is to be an F1 champion.

Currently I am racing Junior Max Class in Rotax Pro Tour series and KA4 class in the Australian Karting Championship.

I love the adrenaline in Formula 1, as well as the strategy and the speed. It really pumps me up when I watch the races. Driving go kart is similar; it requires great physical strength, endurance, reflexes and anticipation. 

My focus must be razor sharp and you cannot let anything in your mind in your way, including yourself. You must be fully committed, both on off the track. I race because I love it - I love the challenge of pushing my limits and fears.

However, I am still to race and want to continue learning. My favorite part was being in of the car when it’s on the limit. Please follow my progress and as I establish my motor racing.
. I hope you enjoy the Hugh
Barter report.